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The Core Five
Our go-to favorites that are available year-round


Old Money Wheat Whiskey

Owner David Raad set out to make a whiskey his wife would enjoy sipping with him. This whiskey is low intensity, with a long flavor profile that lingers on the palate.


Grain Bill: Soft Red Winter Wheat and Barley


Aged: 3 years in American Oak barrels


Notes: On the nose there is vanilla and maple. The taste is smooth with notes of caramel, vanilla and maple.


5-Grain Bourbon

The world's first 5-Grain Bourbon, this spirit is nothing like you've had before. 


Grain Bill: Corn, Soft Red Winter Wheat, Barley, Black Seashore Rye, and Carolina Gold Rice


Aged: 3 years in brand new American Oak Barrels


Notes: Smoke, spice and sugar.


Taste: Cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper.


Heirloom Rye Vodka

This one of a kind vodka is distilled twelve times to achieve an unparalleled smoothness and flavor.


Grain Bill: Black Seashore Rye


Nose: Hints of black pepper and cocoa nibs.


Taste: Vanilla with a touch of black pepper.


Carolina Cream

After his mother-in-law asked for a specific Irish Cream for Christmas, owner David Raad took it as a challenge to create something better.


This blend of our 5-Grain Bourbon with all-natural cream, rum, and several spices soon became our most popular spirit.


Notes: Basically... liquid dessert! It's great on its own, added to your coffee, and wonderful in many types of cocktails. It is decadent and always a crowd favorite with its strong notes of vanilla, cream, and cocoa.


Our newest offering, this delightfully smooth and alluring New World-Style Gin, is rich with the soft sweetness of honeysuckle, delicately balanced with an array of botanicals, and finished with a crisp burst of citrus. 

Double Made refers to the new world production style; first macerating, or steeping the botanicals overnight to build the bass, pine-like juniper notes, then vapor infusing to highlight the floral and citrus flavors. The result is a delicately balanced spirit sure to surprise and please even those who don't consider themselves gin fans.

Double Made Gin

Limited Release & Special Spirits

These spirits are bottled and released periodically, one barrel at a time, and are only available while supplies last.

Avena Oat Whiskey


There's nothing common about this whiskey distilled from locally grown oats. A mellow whiskey with very subtle flavors, this spirit is a must-have.

Grain Bill: Avena Oat

Nose: Oatmeal, brown sugar

Taste: Oats, brown sugar, with a buttery finish

Heirloom Rye Whiskey


This straight rye whiskey is aged for over 3 years and flies off the shelves once it is released. It is a great ingredient for cocktails or simply on the rocks.

Grain Bill: Seashore Black Rye

Nose: Sweet, nutty

Taste: Wafer, caramel and bread pudding

Oak and Pearl Rum


The combination of our freshly emptied 5-Grain Bourbon barrels and rum made from Caribbean-sourced Black Pearl Molasses give us this beautiful expression we know as Oak & Pearl. This labor of love is the product of 4 years of aging, heaps of barrels, and plenty of patience. Truly a rum for a bourbon lover.

Nose: Vanilla, banana

Taste: Toasted sugar, custard, with a lasting vanilla finish

Carolina Peach Cream


We took our award winning Carolina Cream and gave a summer twist by adding peaches!

Carolina Roja


Thought to have originated in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, Pedro Ximénez Sherry wine, or P.X., bears a deep maroon color and is renowned for its velvety sweet, golden raisin finish with a hint of tart notes. The barrels of this sherry, a favorite of every royal table for centuries, made for the perfect finishing vessels for our Old Money Whiskey. 

Nose: Tartness, raisin, caramel

Taste: Sherry, cherry, caramel, vanilla

 Barware Essentials & Favorites

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Shot Glass 2.5oz


Stainless Steel Shaker


Glencairn 6oz

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